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The summit of the year for executives: a three-day program designed to guide organizations to success in the new era.

We celebrated our third year by making our summit even bigger, better, and more personalized for the needs of business leaders. Formerly known as the Analytics Summit, the Disruption by design (Dbyd) program digs deeper – sharing use-cases on structured approaches to innovation to harness the full power of breakthroughs and analytics.

The takeaway

A day was spent with like-minded leaders where participants learned directly from global industry leaders with inspiring keynotes such as:

  1. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, best known as the inventor of the World Wide Web, takes center stage to talk about the future of internet data control.
  2. Tomas Davenport, renowned author, Co-Founder of the International Institute for Analytics, and a fellow of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy.

Upgrade your skillset and mindset for the new digital era with our Academies:

  • AI and analytics academy: Future-proof your capabilities by bolstering your AI, data, and analytics literacy.
  • Disruption by design academy: Build a specific set of competencies to manage change by “thinking and doing differently”

We concluded the week with the Hack-a-thon for attendees to gain first-hand experience with the power of rapid decision-making and diverse teams, and most importantly take advantage of test-driving participants’ new Dbyd skills and mindset.

From Summit week, attendees walked away with:

  • The mindset and tools to purposefully disrupt
  • The resources to add more value to their organization
  • A deeper understanding of innovation, analytics & AI, and digital
  • Initiatives to make their organization more competitive and resilient

Disruption by design is about responding to digital disruption by taking purposeful action using a structured approach to innovation, one that harnesses the full power of digital breakthroughs and advanced data analytics. In some situations, this will drive a company to deliberately disrupt its own business; in other instances, it will require less dramatic but no less critical action. Either way, an organization’s success depends on having the foresight and courage to take action now instead of sitting at the back of the pack.

Learn how Deloitte is living the Dbyd methodology:


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