Are your skillset and mindset prepared for what’s next? Let’s get there, together.

We offer industry leaders the opportunity to be a part of an accelerated, immersive, and intensive one-day course where business leaders explore how to use disruption as a tool to bring innovation, analytics, AI, and digital capabilities to life. Participants learn real ways to embed the Disruption by design (Dbyd) process into their organization as we demonstrate realistic business cases.

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AI and analytics academy

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Future proof the capabilities of your leaders

The AI and analytics academy will strengthen the literacy of your business leaders, non-data and analytics leaders while ensuring they walk away:

  • Articulating the role they play in creating an insights-driven organization
  • With a strong understanding of AI and analytics, associated lexicon and leading practices to deliver on analytics projects
  • Valuing AI and analytics as strategic drivers, and identify opportunities to leverage and enhance decision-making
  • Knowing what operationalization levers to pull to turn insights into actions

Our AI and analytics academy exposes business leaders to AI and analytics concepts, definitions and use cases.

  • The program includes presentations, hands-on activities, team exercises and one personal application, titled the analytics canvas
  • Facilitators are experienced data, analytics and AI professionals from Deloitte

Disruption by design academy

To schedule a customized course for your organization, contact us today.

Start purposefully shaping your destiny

“Thinking and Doing differently” requires individuals and organizations to build a particular set of competencies to manage change. The Disruption by design (Dbyd) academy can accelerate the impact of:

  • Understanding of the foundational elements of Dbyd
  • Assessing your organization’s maturity across competencies foundational to an entity’s ability to think and do things differently
  • Identifying opportunities for growth (individual and organization) to think differently

Our Dbyd academy immerses business leaders in the Disruption by design methodology with a key focus on enabling business leaders to think differently.

  • The program includes diagnostic tools, methodologies, hands-on activities, case studies, and reflection
  • Facilitators/faculty represent individuals from capabilities of strategy, innovation, digital, analytics and AI from Deloitte
  • A post-Academy interactive showcase of Dbyd capabilities will be hosted as part of a curated Deloitte Greenhouse experience

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